Arun Leer ACIM

M.Sc. Computer Science, ACIM Professional Marketing

A high performing and results-driven computer scientist, with a comprehensive understanding of investigative marketing methodologies for statistical inference analysis.

M.Sc Computer Science

Arun is projected to graduate with distinction at the University of Birmingham, ranked 3rd in the UK for "world-leading" computer science research and formerly ranked 1st in the UK for the CS M.Sc.

ACIM Professional Marketing

Awarded the highest level professional marketing certification by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Arun has achieved milestone progress in marketing competency.

B.A. Business and Marketing

Arun is a First Class Honours graduate and a member of the Academic Awards Scheme (exclusively invite-only). His dissertation, titled "Analysing the Interrelated Impact of Product Innovation, Brand Equity and Sustainable Competitive Advantage", achieved a first.

How Arun adds value to business!

Arun is duty-bound by the Chartered Institute of Marketing to promote and maintain high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity. Below are a list of summarily key value propositions you can expect immediately on hire.

High Coding Competency

Proficient in both Object Oriented and Functional Programming using C++, Java and Python for high-level DevOps.

United Kingdom Security Vetting Compliant

Full compliance with all appropriate types of security clearance required for national security positions in the UK.

ACIM Accredited Market Research Methodologies

Formal accreditation with a wealth of research experience, no stone will be left unturned during investigative research.

Reliable On-Demand Insights Analysis

With great interest in arming the senior strategic board with accurate and precise data, the solution you need can be bespokely engineered.

High Discovery Drive

If the answer is not known, it will be found via multi-varied research methods for immediate workspace deployment.

A Diamond in the Rough

Properly accredited Marketing and Computer Science competencies are hard to find - so don't delay, contact Arun today!

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